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Outback Bucket US - OB-25US
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Simple, durable, 5-gallon pour-through, gravity feed unit. No water pressure required; excellent for daily use or for emergency preparedness and response. Buckets nest for transport. Provides 1,700 gallons at 1-3 gallons per hour. Will provide healthy water for a family of four for a year.


Protects against cysts, bacteria such as those causing Cholera, and viruses such as hepatitis and polio. Nano electrostatic cartridge removes 99.999% of bacteria, 99.9% of cycts, and 99.99% of viruses.


Designed for clear water for best results, extensive pretreatment may be required due to suspended sediment. Please call for quantity pricing and large organization recommendations


Custom loads for removal cartridge available upon request-example heavy metals or pesticide removal in addition to biological removal.

*Shipping surcharge of $6.00 due to UPS dimensional weight charge*



Two stage system system consists of preliminary 5 micron sleeve followed by Nano electrostatic purification cartridge (053636TB).


Nano cartridge is positively charged attracting the negative charge of the contaminant. Contaminant is trapped and held by electrostatic material. Secondary carbon removal stage removes tastes, odors, and many additional contaminants such as chlorine and petroleum byproducts-benzene, diesel fuel, and solvents.


Depending on water source, extensive pretreatment may be necessary.

Please call or email for regional recommendations.

  • Holding Capacity: 5 US gallons.
  • Processing Rate: 1-3 gal./Hr.
  • Maximum Processing Capacity: 1,700 gallons.
  • Packaged dimensions:  12”x12”x16”.
  • Weight:  8 lbs.

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