How will we know when to change our purification cartridge or filter?

Most systems have carbon as the final stage. This carbon stage absorbs residual iodine. Once the carbon has absorbed all it can hold it will allow the taste/odor of iodine to pass through to your water supply. Once you notice this taste shift it is time to replace the purification cartridge. It is still purifying the water at this point but you will want to install a new cartridge as soon as possible in order not to exceed the effective life of the cartridge. The sediment stages of the systems should be replaced whenever their rated capacity is reached or when they have collected enough sediment to reduce the water flow.

How do you calculate how much water you use?

A good rule of thumb is to figure a gallon per person per day for cooking and drinking purposes. This will need to be adjusted for warm climates, higher altitudes, activity levels, etc. Our counter top and under sink units as well as the OutBack Bucket provide 1700 gallons of water per filter change-enough for a family of four for a year. 

Filter life capacities are dependent upon clear water free from visible debris and sediment. Pre-treatment may be necessary and required for acceptable results. Pre-purchase specification, education, and consultation is free of charge and encouraged. Twenty five years of global customers in every region allows a knowledgeable approach to a regions specific challenges and best results