Customer Comments

My wife and I are “ms” in Trinidad and Tobago for the last year and a half. Recently my wife started having some SERIOUS stomach issues to the point I sent her home (US) to get checked out. After several tests they were not able to come up with any answers. We had been buying bottled water from the largest water company on the island. When she came home I started using the water system we bought from you all before we left the states but never used it because we felt there were no water issues here. When we switched over to the system within 4 days all of her issues cleared up and have not had a problem since …. Thanks.
The “Ms”

I just wanted to send you a quick thank you.  We contacted you back in July about what type of water filter would be best for us in Tanzania.  Well we are finally in our home on the shore of Lake Victoria and that is where our water comes from.  It is usually a light brown color and I've seen dead bugs in it.  We don't have much in our house yet but the one thing we do have is clean fresh water.  I've heard others say they have to clean their Katadyn filters every day because the water is so dirty.  Your system works great and we don't have to clean it very often.  I also like how quickly the water passes through the filter.  Thank you for helping us choose what I think is the best water filter for our situation here. 


Wanted to let you know I have received the three purification cartridges here in Lusaka Zambia. A real joy working out the order with you as you made it easy and doable for me on this end …..Your service and quick response was refreshing. Really thank you so much, your company is to be commended for service, quality, and commitment. It diffidently ‘wowed’ me.