What is iodinated resin and how does it work?

Our international purifiers use a pentaiodide resin which is a highly concentrated form of iodine. It is a unique purification technology based on the natural process of electrostatic attraction. The resin has a positive charge that attracts negatively charged contaminants in the water. When the contaminant comes into contact with the resin bead, sufficient iodine is released to penetrate the microorganism. By this 'fatal attraction' bacteria, viruses and protozoa are neutralized and killed. This technology was developed by Kansas State University in the early 1970s. Proven to be a highly effective and practical means of purifying water, NASA chose to use the iodinated resin technology in the Space Shuttle program.

‚ÄčPurification solutions for use in the United States use a proprietary material using Nano technology. This sub micron mechanical attraction seizes and holds biological contaminants while meeting or exceeding recognized purification standards.

What are the advantages of this demand-release technology?

Iodinated resin releases the iodine necessary to kill the microorganisms that are actually present in the water. Because penetration of the microorganism is so effective, contact time is minimal and iodine concentration levels remain low. The level of residual iodine in the water is typically less than .5 parts per million (ppm). In comparison, using straight iodine leaves up to 60 ppm of residual iodine in the water.